Bathroom Renovation Cost

Renovating a bathroom should never be done on the cheap.

There are ways to save money, but do think of the trade offs as well as your time and peace of mind.

bathroom renovation costs

Renovation Costing Guide

The above graphic gives a good guide on where your money goes. Over many years of renovating bathrooms we have found this to be true. Yes you can buy a cheaper vanity or bath, or you can do some of the work yourself, like the painting or stripping of the room, removing rubbish (once the job is completed). Does the cheaper vanity or bath give you the style of bathroom you are looking for? Doing this will only reduce the total by the discount you have been given, it will not reduce the overall cost by any more.

If you decide to do part of the job yourself, you need to be happy that you can complete your part within the other trades timetable. ie the painting could be 3 to 5 different steps through the renovation (from sanding to the finished coats). You don’t want to have your part holding up the other trades from continuing with their part.

As always it is the labour that is the largest part of the job, (even when you are having your car serviced).

As a guide spend 
3-5% of your home’s value on your Bathroom Renovation

Renovating rather than moving will

  • Save up to $30,000 in real estate fees
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Make your home pleasant to live in

The overall quote from Henry Brooks Bathrooms covers all costs. Including all materials, from the products you have chosen, waterproofing where required, floor coverings, bath framing, heating and ventilation, plastering & painting and all the trades including the project manager.

We also give you a written Guarantee for 5 years covering everything that we supply and all the workmanship of the tradesmen even if they no longer work for us, a COC for all the electrical work and a waterproofing certificate where req.

Henry Brooks Bathrooms – Renovation Guarantee is transferable to new home owners

Like most things in life we get what we pay for, this is very true with your bathroom.

Many houses have had bathrooms that need replacing after only 5 or so years as the process to install individual items was below standard, ie: a shower placed over a bath that is not designed for that purpose, a shower tray that looked ok but still allowed water to get behind the lining and slowly rotted the walls, or the walls were not straight to start with.

A bathroom is a wet area and needs to be treated as such, a wooden floor may be quite nice but if it gets wet what happens to the water? Does it soak in and cause damage or does it get through a small opening and damage the underfloor insulation in your home? Placing vinyl on your floor should be a minimum.

Often when a bathroom renovation is done it is because there is a problem, either a leak or a faulty shower mixer. When this happens it needs to be fixed, and sometimes is when the household funds are low. Our recommendation it to have the problem fixed then plan to renovate the bathroom once you have saved or borrowed the funds required.

Doing this will get you a bathroom that will last 20 – 25 years, a bathroom that is thought through, designed well, and will add value to your home.

Tips to reduce bathroom renovation costs

There are ways of reducing the costs, this is usually done by reducing the type, quality and or size of the products you are placing into your renovated bathroom.


For example using an acrylic shower tray and walls will reduce your cost, as the shower units are cheaper and there are no requirement to waterproof the floor or walls behind the shower. This will reduce your material as well as the labour costs.


Use vinyl instead of tiles, you may still need an underlay but there is less work to install the vinyl.


Paint or wallpaper rather than tile, as it is both quicker and cost effective. We still recommend you have acrylic or tile upstands behind vanity and bath.


Whenever a bath is installed there are minimum areas that need to be waterproofed. We as a company cover about twice the recommended waterproofed areas around a bath install.